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MOONFLOWER by Posing Productions

MOONFLOWER by Posing Productions
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Take a front seat ride and experience what it takes to make a first ascent on one of the... mehr

Take a front seat ride and experience what it takes to make a first ascent on one of the world's biggest alpine faces in 2011. The film joins top British alpinists Jon Bracey and Matt Helliker as they honor their late friend Jules Cartwright by following his original vision of making a stunning and formidable new line on Mt Hunter's incredible north buttress; The Moonflower.

Climbing the steepest and coldest section of the buttress; marvel at the dogged determination of the world class climbers as they approach exhaustion in an effort to complete the line before the increasingly freezing conditions irrevocably turn against them. The fruits of their efforts result in 'The Cartwright Connection' Ca 6000ft, Alaskan grade 6 (M6, AI6, 5.8, A2).

The adventure is filmed by the climbers themselves giving a unique insight into cutting edge alpinism. Adventure cameraman David Reeves contributes to the cinematic experience with his stunning mountain timelapeses and ariel footage. The film is produced by award winner Al Lee and conveys every frighting, grueling and hilarious moment combined with the poignant beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.

Out for 2011 Patagonia presents MOONFLOWER. Featuring Posing Productions' renowned mix of stunning photography, slick editing and an evocative sound track; 'Moonflower' out Nov 2011.

- Alaskan timelapse montage -'Frumious Bandersnatch' Nick Bullock climbs a new E7 - 'Slice of Squam' Squamish bouldering short

Producer: Posing Productions

Country: England

Languages: English

Year: 2011

Format: PAL

Playtime: 50 mins + extras


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