DOWN AND DIRTY 2 - Mountainboard Film


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DOWN AND DIRTY 2 - Mountainboard Film

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Down and Dirty 2 is more down and dirty than ever. It blows every other mountainboard video ever made so far out of the water they'll need a Rand McNally Map to get back to the beach. Available on DVD in June at your nearest MBS dealer. With only two heart attacks and some mild stress medication Brian Purdy of Strict Nine Films has truly pushed the envelope of extreme mountainboarding off the cliff, down the hill and into three consecutive rag-doll back flips to the head. Bloodied and battered 9 of the world's top mountainboarders show how far the sport has come in the last year and a half. And now that the envelope has been completely destroyed it's time to start on the third in this trilogy of destruction. Featuring the riding stylings of Leon Robbins, Saer White, Dave Sansone, Jason Lee, Josh Knepper, Akoni Kama, Austin Robbins, Jereme Leafe and Rick Gaukel. Music by NoFX, Pennywise, Hot Water Music, Death by Stereo, Snapcase and many more.